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Systematic and focused career management is becoming increasingly important for both researchers and their employers. It should enable the research institutions to fully use the potential of their human resources and researchers to identify and grasp the number of different opportunities that the labour market offers for their careers.

EURAXESS Zurich is currently involved in two EURAXESS projects focusing on career paths and develops innovative instruments to support young academics with the aim of enhancing their profile. The project results will provide scholars with career prospects on multiple levels while encouraging researchers and young professors to act as responsible mentors on a national, international and interdisciplinary level educating the next generation of scholars for the knowledge society.

What you can expect from us:

A Responsive and Flexible Career Development Framework for Researchers: Learn more on the REFLEX website.

An overview of the Career Development Workshop in Switzerland.

The new framework is expected to be published at the end of 2016. We will publish it here as soon as possible.



Coaching and Mentoring

At the higher education institutions in Switzerland, experts provide you as researchers at different career levels with various mentoring programmes and coaching possibilities.


Continuing education / Lifelong learning

Courses and workshops are offered to researchers at the HR departments.


Career paths

Most researchers don't take the linear way up from PhD to professor but work in different settings at different jobs.


Non-academic career and Industry

Swiss industry offers many opportunity for PhDs and highly qualifiied people.