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Every country is unique in its own way. What makes Switzerland unique is its wide cultural diversity that is given by the geographical location of the country. It is surrounded by five countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria and the Prinicipality of Liechtenstein and it has a polulation of over 8.5 million people. Over 25% of the population have a foreign passport.





Notification of arrival

In the event of taking up residence here for a period exceeding three months and/or if you wish to pursue gainful employment, you should notify your commune of residence within 14 days of your arrival.

If you intend to stay in Switzerland without transferring your domicile here and without taking up gainful employment, you may stay here for a maximum period of three months without notifying the authorities.





Basic information

Get started with all the basic information you need in Switzerland. Many administrative to-dos (such as opening a bank account or notifying the local residents' registration office) are easy to do and do not consume too much time.

The public transport network is tightly knit and reliable, and is widely used by the Swiss to get to work. The social security system is a bit complex. We dedicate a special chapter to health insurance, since these insurance schemes are not connected to an employment.






job opportunities

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Come and work in Switzerland

Researchers find a wide range of work opportunities in universities, federal institutes of technology, industry and research, and above all in all language regions of the country. In this section, you find all the necessary information on how to apply for a job.

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Make your career in switzerland

What makes Switzerland special?

Switzerland is among the world’s most competitive countries. It regularly appears near or at the top of the list in prominent international comparisons such as the Global Competitiveness Report, the Global Innovation Index and the Innovation Union Scoreboard. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world. The high political stability, high-quality infrastructure and public services and good living conditions in the economic centres make Switzerland a particularly attractive research location.
Switzerland continues to be among the countries that invest the most in R&D in relation to their GDP. Swiss research publications receive above-average recognition within the international research community. In terms of the volume of published scientific articles per inhabitant, Switzerland tops rankings in international comparison. And it files the third largest number of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents per inhabitant.

Switzerland provides some of the best framework conditions for research and innovation in the world. The infrastructure available is of the highest quality. The country has generally low taxation, a flexible labour market, a stable political environment and good quality of life.

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Find your personalized assistance

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Practical support

The EURAXESS Centres in Switzerland provide practical support to researchers relocating for work. If you know where you will be going contact the nearest centre directly.

EURAXESS Centres in Switzerland




Researcher mobility can improve a career in research. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities on offer both inside and outside Europe. EURAXESS Centres and EURAXESS Worldwide are on hand to offer expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.


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Here you will find important information for researchers returning to Switzerland.