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Non-academic career and industry


The Swiss economy is built on high-quality work and well-trained workers. The important areas for Swiss exports are micro-technology, high technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance. There is a strong emphasis on research and development. Swiss industry offers many opportunities for PhDs and highly qualified people.

Career centres at the universities, technical universities and some universities of applied sciences in Switzerland advise you as a researcher on links between academia and industry in Switzerland.

Career fairs are crucial events in Switzerland where you can meet others and discuss job possibilities. Make sure you contact your local career centre to join the next event.

At Swiss universities, several instruments exist for young researchers to test their results on the market, to meet with an expert in a career centre to discuss job possibilities or to get to know how to prepare for an interview in Switzerland. Please check on the university homepage for the career centre, job fairs and funding and grants.

Ask your EURAXESS Centre for help in this matter.