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Entry Conditions


Whether you intend to visit the country as a tourist or if you plan to work in Switzerland (or accompany someone who does, e.g. as a partner or family member), makes a huge difference. Switzerland has a dual system for granting foreign nationals access to the Swiss labour market.

Anyone who works during his/her stay in Switzerland or who remains in Switzerland for longer than three months requires a permit. Residence permits are issued by the Cantonal Migration Offices. A distinction is made between short-term residence permits (less than 1 year), annual residence permits (limited) and permanent residence permits (unlimited).

From the moment you cross the border to take up residence in Switzerland, you have 14 days in which to register with the authorities in your commune. As a rule, the commune will then send your papers to the appropriate cantonal authority, which will deal with your application and issue the residence permit. Please present the following documents:

  • valid passport (for yourself and for each member of your family accompanying you)

  • certificate from your health insurance provider (which proves that you are a member of a recognized health insurance scheme)

  • rental contract or sublease agreement

  • registry office documents (e.g. family record book, marriage certificate, birth certificates of minor children, etc.)

  • employment contract/confirmation of enrollment at a university

Biometric residence permits for foreign nationals: Since joining Schengen on 12 December 2008, Switzerland has been issuing a new credit card-sized identity document for foreign nationals. lt is issued to people in Switzerland who are not nationals of the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Member States, or who are not in Switzerland by virtue of the Free Movement of Persons Agreement. The biometric identity document indicates the foreigner's status in Switzerland and, together with a valid national passport, entitles the holder to travel throughout the Schengen area without a visa.


Information for Citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries




If you have to clear Swiss customs on entering you should be aware of certain formalities.


Bringing pets and plants

Anyone planning to travel with pets and plants should complete the formalities in advance.


Importing vehicles

No import tax is payable on vehicles which you have owned for more than six months, but a completed clearance request form for moving purposes must be submitted.