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Switzerland Network

EURAXESS - Researchers in motion


Switzerland Network


EURAXESS Switzerland is a network of 14 centres located in 11 Swiss cities. If you are a mobile researcher, the EURAXESS Centres can assist you and your family in every step of your move, starting in your home country and continuing until you have settled in a new one. This free personalised service is here to remove red tape and make your life easier. You will receive comprehensive, up-to-date information, as well as customised assistance on all matters relating to your professional and daily life. A team of well informed staff is at your disposal across Switzerland.

Find the EURAXESS Centre nearest you:

EURAXESS Switzerland network


Basel: EURAXESS Centre University of Basel

Bern: EURAXESS Centre University of Bern; EURAXESS Centre University of Applied Sciences Bern

Fribourg: EURAXESS Centre University of Fribourg

Geneva: EURAXESS Centre University of Geneva

Lausanne: EURAXESS Centre University of Lausanne; EURAXESS Centre EPF Lausanne

Lucerne: EURAXESS Centre University of Lucerne

Lugano: EURAXESS Centre Università della Svizzera Italiana

Manno: EURAXESS Centre University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Neuchâtel: EURAXESS Centre University of Neuchatel

St. Gallen: EURAXESS Centre University of St. Gallen

Zurich: For all questions regarding the University of Zurich for internationals: EURAXESS Centre University of Zurich