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Coaching and Mentoring


At the higher education institutions in Switzerland, experts provide you as researchers at different career levels with various mentoring programmes and coaching possibilities. In your department, and especially from your supervisor, you receive the closest support in your field and in your specific area.

Nevertheless, some “next steps” are maybe worth checking out, for example the funding possibilities (could an ERC proposal be something for me?) or internships with industry or advice from HR on career paths in academia and outside.

  • Education and Career Mentoring for those who are Seeking a Master’s or Doctoral Degree from a Swiss University, URPEAK Provides Tailored Support Before, During and After Your Studies

  • Mentoring programmes at French speaking universities

  • For more information, please check the Gender Equality website of the University of Zurich 

Coaching possibilities (Funding; Career Centre) at Swiss higher education institutions: HR offers coaching on career development issues; please check on the respective site of the institution. Ask your peers and your supervisor for advice in this matter as they know best about the opportunities and challenges in your field.