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Departure Conditions


Export of unemployment benefit

If you qualify for benefits from the Swiss unemployment insurance, you have the right – based on article 69 VO EWG 1408/71 (German, French) – to export those benefits to another EU/EFTA member state. Before you can claim this right, you must have been registered as unemployed for at least 4 weeks after the beginning of unemployment with the primary responsible labour administration and have been at their disposal for this time prior to your departure. You have to register as a job-seeker in the country from which you export the benefits and undergo the local controls. The right to export benefits is granted for 3 months at the most.

Further information on transferring unemployment benefits can be found on the website.


The brochure Leaving Switzerland and moving to an EU or EFTA member state is aimed at Swiss nationals and citizens of an EU or EFTA member state who intend to leave Switzerland in order to live or work in an EU or EFTA member state (Iceland, Liechten-stein and Norway).