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Career paths


The linear career path for researchers is the one talked about. However, 90% of researchers don’t take the linear way up from PhD to full professor but work in different settings at different jobs. Have a look at the report “Junior researcher at Swiss universities: Statistical key figures on working conditions and career perspectives” (only in German).

In a pilot project of the European Union, REFLEX, we have looked at the different career paths and which developments and/or new actions could be of interest for researchers and the EURAXESS network. Our General Training Model on career development shows the main elements of careers we have chosen as crucial. If you would like to read more on the model please consult the REFLEX webpage.

Today's job market offers researchers a huge diversity of career opportunities in various roles and sectors.

Are you unsure what to do next? Do you see yourself purely as a specialist, and are you overlooking potentially interesting career opportunities?

It can be hard to know where to start and what opportunities are available, especially if you have not worked in other employment sectors. Unlike undergraduates, doctoral candidates are not generally targeted by big employers with recruitment campaigns and not all careers services can offer specialist advice to researchers. Perhaps you are unsure whether you would like to stay in the higher education sector or move away; whether to continue working in research or use your skills in another field. It's likely that most of your colleagues' work experience is limited to academic settings.

There is advice and assistance at Swiss higher education institutions, check for personnel development courses at your HR department or ask your supervisor for help in this matter. 

Do not hesitate to contact your EURAXESS Centre if you have further questions.