Garbald Dialogue on the Future of Science

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Do only individuals with a traditional professional development have prospects for an academic career? What happens to academia when it is increasingly funded by third-party resources? What does the future university look like?

The Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich, Fondazione Garbald, and the Think Tank W.I.R.E. are inviting 14 doctoral candidates and postdocs from all over Switzerland to a discussion on the future of science. This dialogue will take place at the Villa Garbald (www.garbald.ch) in Bregaglia from 18 October to 21 October 2017. The discussions will be conducted in German.

For more information in German on the Garbald Dialogue in general, the aims as well as the registration policy, go to the following website: http://www.grc.uzh.ch/de/calls/Garbald-Gespräche.html. The registration deadline is 14 July 2017.