Gender and diversity

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Diversity makes a key contribution to excellence in Swiss research and teaching. Taking into account and promoting equal opportunities and diversity in all their dimensions is therefore a cross-cutting issue that affects all Swiss universities equally. They campaign to ensure that equal opportunities are guaranteed in teaching, research and the organisation of the institutions of higher education.

Switzerland has run programmes fostering equal opportunity of women and men at higher education institutions since 2000.

An overview of former equal opportunity-programmes can be found here. They supported Gender Equality Action Plans (GAPs 2017-2020 of Swiss HEI) in order to further implement structural change, aimed at an increase in the proportion of female professors and (programmes before 2016) the establishment of Gender Studies and applied gender research projects.


A Swiss Academic Dual Career Network (S-ADCN) promotes the exchange of good practices between Swiss higher education institutions with regard to gender-sensitive nomination and recruitment-procedures. In 2020, swissuniversities published recommendations and good practices for professorial recruitment aiming at improving the quality of hiring procedures and, as a consequence, diversity among university professors. A report on the challenges of reconciling an academic career, partnership and family (in German) was published as part of the "Equal opportunities and university development" programme 2017-2020/21.