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Unemployment benefits in Switzerland

Unemployment insurance (ALV) ensures that your salary continues to be paid in the event of unemployment and helps reintegrate the unemployed into the job market. Persons in gainful employment in Switzerland (excluding the self-employed) are insured against unemployment.

Contributions towards unemployment insurance are mandatory, with half the contributions being deducted directly from your salary and the employer making up the other half.

If you have been ‘regularly employed’ in Switzerland for at least twelve of the last 24 months, you are subject to the Swiss unemployment insurance and Switzerland is responsible for granting benefits in case of unemployment.

Since many factors must be considered in case of unemployment, you must at all times contact the Swiss officer in charge before your employment contract expires, if you expect to be unemployed or working at a lower employment level for some time.

Swiss legal order in an international environment

EWG 1408/71 applies in Switzerland. According to article 13 paragraph 2 letter a, a person is only subject to one legal order. Generally, the last state of employment has the responsibility for granting the benefit in case of unemployment.

If a person is ‘regularly employed’ in Switzerland, he/she is subject to the Swiss unemployment insurance during the time of contract. Therefore, Switzerland is responsible for granting the benefit in the case of unemployment.