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Public transport

Public transportation in Switzerland is generally considered to be good – you can get almost everywhere in the country without a car. What's more, trains and buses generally run on time.

Tickets are usually expensive. Depending on your needs, you might want to buy one of the following passes, which are all issued by the SBB. You can get them at most railway stations.

With this GA travelcard you can travel on SBB and most other public transportation networks in Switzerland (including lake boats, private railways, etc.) for free and receive discounts on many mountain railways, with a few minor exceptions. You have to buy it for a time period of at least four months. Many communities offer a limited amount of One-Day-GAs for the price of about CHF 40.00. The ticket is valid for one day and you can travel on Switzerland's entire public transportation network. Check to see online where and how many tickets are available.



Private transport

You can drive in Switzerland using your foreign driving licence for up to 12 months. Before the end of the first 12 months you have to convert you foreign driving licence to a Swiss licence. The Swiss cantonal offices for road traffic are authorized to emit driver's licences.