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Financial assets

There is no restriction to the amounts of liquid funds, i.e. cash, foreign currency and securities (shares, bonds and checques) that can be imported into Switzerland nor do the funds have to be declared. However, the customs authorities are still free to implement measures related to the combat of international crime.

In the European Union cash amounts in excess of EUR 10,000 must be declared to the respective customs authorities when entering, passing through and leaving the European Union and its member states.

Moving (household effects)

If you transfer your legal domicile to Switzerland, household effects, pets, vehicles and personal items can be imported duty free as relocation goods.

Items destined for your personal use or for the exercise of a profession or trade are considered to be relocation goods. The objects to be imported must have been used by you personally for at least 6 months and you must undertake to continue using them personally in Switzerland.


On importation, you will have to present the document "18.44 Declaration/Application for clearance of household effects", duly completed and in duplicate, at the customs office. You can download this form18_44_declarationapplicationforclearanceofhouseholdeffects-6.pdfrom the Federal Customs Administration website; it is also available at the customs office or at Swiss embassies and consulates.

Immigrants from the 25 initial EU states and from EFTA states do not have to submit a residence permit. They provide proof of the transfer of domicile using other means (employment contract, lease, confirmation of notice of departure from the country of departure).

The customs clearance of household effects is restricted to working days and to the fixed opening hours for dealing with the clearance of commercial goods. Please notify the authorities at the first importation if there are going to be any subsequent consignments.