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Welcome to Zurich!

As information and advice centre for young and established international researchers and academics Euraxess Zurich informs for more than 10 years:

  • Researchers from all over the world wishing to come to Switzerland
  • Researchers going or planning to go abroad
  • Researchers and academics returning to Switzerland

Euraxess Zurich is amongst other:

  • Hot-spot for incoming, outgoing and/or returning researchers
  • Service-centre that informs, advises, supports, manages, guides, connects
  • Facilitator between various players within the university administration
  • Active participant shaping the internationalisation strategy of the university and their associated research centres
  • Inspiration and initiator for internal optimising processes for research institutions
  • Partner for organisations beyond the universities

Our range is constantly optimised and adapted, because we want our international researchers to feel welcomed.

Euraxess Zurich is a regional coordination centre at Euresearch Zurich and is thus part of the Swiss information network Euresearch that focuses on guiding and promoting European research, business and innovation opportunities in Switzerland.

EURAXESS Services Centre Zurich
Euresearch Zurich
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